Flights to Europe and Australia to resume

The Government Office has just issued Official Letter No. 9467 conveying the opinion of Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh on the proposal of the Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) about early allowing the reopening of flights. Regular flights to Europe, Australia.

Accordingly, the Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Transport to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries, branches and localities in, summarizing and handling enterprises’ recommendations, carefully considering and proactively deciding on road resumption. regular international commercial flights to areas with a high safety factor.

“The need to return home in the period before the Lunar New Year is very large by Vietnamese people and overseas Vietnamese in Europe and Australia as well as the epidemic situation in the region is well controlled, so it is necessary to reopen flights soon. go to Europe and Australia”.
Vietnam Airlines proposed.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that it is necessary to ensure the principles of safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic, creating favorable conditions for travel on the basis of compliance with the guidance on medical supervision on entry. supporting transport enterprises to maintain service and business activities.

According to the plan, the pilot phase 1 will focus on the markets of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the US; have not yet operated flight routes to and from Europe and Australia.

A representative of Vietnam Airlines said that the early restoration of regular flight routes to these areas also helps prevent the risk of domination by international airlines operating other gateways. Up to now, Vietnam Airlines has prepared resources to serve these markets with an initial frequency of about 2 flights/week/flight to ensure stable operation for travel needs.

Previously, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh agreed to the plan to restore regular international flights carrying passengers to 9 countries and territories with high safety coefficients, in the immediate future, Beijing/Quang Chau (China), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Taipei (Taiwan – China), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, Vientiane (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), San Francisco/ Los Angeles (USA), based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health on health measures to prevent epidemics for people on entry, ensuring safety, efficiency and smoothness.

The pilot period starts from January 1, 2022.