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Innovation is key to success for most businesses. Protection, licensing and franchising of these innovations achieves maximize the value of those rights and creates further business opportunities.

We help clients successfully protect, license and franchise their IP rights with the following services:

  • Advise on the licensing of intellectual property rights over patents, patents, designs, trademarks, software and copyrights including procedures, conditions, and requirements.
  • Advise on granting and/or receiving franchise business.
  • Assisting and participating in the negotiation of licensing and franchising arrangements.
  • Drafting, reviewing and finalizing licensing and franchising agreements.
  • Preparing documents as per the requirements of the specific jurisdiction and obtaining all approvals and licenses.
  • Other matters relating to licensing & franchising.

Our IP team is widely experienced in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The firm’s IP attorneys and consultants hold degrees in various fields such as telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, biology, pharmaceutical, chemistry, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Our patent team provides the following services in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia:

  • Advice on patent laws and regulations in certain jurisdictions as well as the patentability of invention/ utility models.
  • Searches of patents and technical literature.
  • Drafting patent descriptions and protection claims including the translation of patent documents to provide the broadest scope of protection for the concerned subject-matters.
  • Patent filing and prosecution.
  • Opinions on patent validity & patent annuities.
  • Patent licensing & exploration; patent assignment; patent opposition, cancellation and defense.
  • Assessment and analysis of potential infringements of patent rights.
  • Other patent-related matters.

Industrial design is the outer appearance of a product. Industrial designs include three dimensional elements such as shape, surface or two dimensional elements such as color and pattern.

Our services in this area include:

  • Design searches and advice on the patentability and availability of the target design.
  • Drafting descriptions and protection claims for industrial designs, translating design descriptions and relevant documents as well as preparing drawings and photos as required.
  • Design filing, prosecution and renewal of validity.
  • Recording of license and/or assignment of designs, opposition, cancellation and defense relating to design rights.
  • Assessment and analysis of potential infringements of design rights.
  • Other design-related matters.

We provide a full range of services related to the establishment and protection of trademark rights in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Whether counseling small or large businesses, our IP attorneys have the knowledge and legal acumen required to address issues in a wide array of industries and technologies.

We offer the following services relating to trademarks in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia:

  • Searches and opinions on the ability to register, and availability and possibility of use of the target trademark.
  • Trademark filing and prosecution and renewal.
  • Recording of trademark licenses, assignment, opposition, cancellation, termination and defense relating to trademark rights.
  • Assessment and analysis of potential infringements of trademark rights.
  • Advice and representation in international and regional trademark registration under the Madrid Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Community Trade Mark, as well as national trademark registration in ASEAN countries, Japan, China, European Union, United States and all other countries and territories.
  • Advising, assisting and representation in the handling of projects for establishment and use of rights over geographical indications and trade names.

Other trademark-related matters

Copyright is a bundle of rights that protect literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, as well as sound recordings, films, photographs, multi-media works and computer software. These rights prevent unauthorized use of the work, whether by reproduction, performance, broadcast or other means.

We advise on all aspects of copyright in Vietnam, from ownership, registration, exploitation and licensing to enforcement, including:

  • Advice on establishment and protection of copyrights and related rights.
  • Advice, assistance, and participation in the negotiation of copyright licenses and/or assignments as well as drafting, reviewing and finalizing license contracts of copyrights and other related rights.
  • Opposition and cancellation of bad faith copyright registration.
  • Enforcement of copyrights and related rights including sending cease & desist letters, and coordinating with the competent enforcement authorities to take legal action against piracy acts.
  • Representing clients in court proceedings relating to copyrights and other related rights.
  • Other matters relating to copyrights.