PM approves construction of expressway in Dong Thap

The Prime Minister has just signed Decision 2203/QD-TTg approving the investment policy of the construction investment project of the My An – Cao Lanh expressway, phase 1, using the loan from the Korean Government. .

Specifically, the construction investment project of the My An – Cao Lanh expressway, phase 1, has a total length of about 26.16 km. The scale of the expressway is limited to 4 lanes, the width of the roadbed is 17m, the design speed is 80km/h.

The Ministry of Transport is the project management agency, the sponsor is the Korea Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF).

Estimated total project implementation capital is about 4,770.75 billion VND, of which EDCF’s ODA is 3,677.22 billion VND, equivalent to 158.80 million USD used to pay for construction, equipment, and construction costs. The cost of technical design consultancy and construction supervision does not include VAT, reserve for ODA capital.

The expected reciprocal capital is about VND 1,093.53 billion to be used to pay VAT, construction and equipment costs; costs of technical design consultancy and construction supervision, project management costs, domestic consulting costs such as survey costs, investment project formulation, technical design verification, verification costs , finalization of completed projects, other expenses… according to current regulations, cost of site clearance, provision for reciprocal capital, service charges.

The specific objective of the project is to invest in the construction of the My An – Cao Lanh expressway project phase 1 to promote the effectiveness of the project connecting the central region of the Mekong Delta.

After completion, the An Huu – Cao Lanh expressway will act as the backbone corridor of the horizontal axis, connecting the longitudinal axis routes such as the N2 route, the Ho Chi Minh road and the North-South expressway to the west.

Since then, gradually complete the road traffic network connecting traffic in the Mekong Delta region in order to promote sustainable economic and social development, ensure security and defense in the Mekong Delta region. in general and the provinces of Long An and Dong Thap in particular

Previously, in the report No. 12805/TTr – Transport, the Ministry of Transport proposed the Prime Minister to approve the investment project to build the My An – Cao Lanh expressway project phase 1 with the total length of about 26 routes. .16 km, located entirely within Dong Thap province, with the first point connecting to the N2 line in My An town; the end point is adjacent to the beginning point of Cao Lanh bridge construction project.

The project implementation period is 5 years after the funding agreement comes into force.