Vietnam, a developing country with nearly 100 million population, is a market with great potential for pharmaceutical business. Vietnam has signed up to a number of international commitments to integrate and standardize pharmaceutical regulations but also has specific laws and regulations applicable to pharmaceuticals.

 These include conditions on doing business in pharmaceuticals, product registration and approvals, permits and conditions on advertising and promotion, labelling compliance, clinical trial studies and so on. Our team can provide you with a full range of services to succeed in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market. These services include:


Vietnam’s economy is growing rapidly and the people’s standard of living is growing with it. This has brought demand for products and significant demand for beauty care products in particular. Vietnam is now an exciting market for cosmetics and beauty care products.

We have been engaged by numerous cosmetic clients including local and multi-national brands to advise and assist in various matters, including:


The Vietnam Food Administration (“VFA) under the Ministry of Health is the authority in charge of State management of processed food, food supplements, food additives, food colorants & flavors.  While the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (“MARD”) is in responsible for the management of all fresh foods and raw materials. The existing management systems and legislation are quite complex and require careful attention in order to be in compliance.

Our services in this sector include:


The Vietnamese medical devices market is expanding and has great potential for incoming businesses. The provision of private healthcare is increasing in Vietnam and with it the demand for medical devices.

We offer the following major services in this area:

  • Advising, assisting and representing clients in various approvals, permits, licenses for manufacture, import, export, quality testing and experiments of medical devices in Vietnam.
  • Advice on classifying and categorizing medical devices defining the conditions for doing business in Vietnam.
  • Advising, preparing documents, application dossiers, and assisting in obtaining operation licenses, and import & export permits for medical devices as required.
  • Advising on rules and regulations with regard to the advertisement, and promulgation of product information for medical devices and obtaining all necessary approvals before launching such programs, and campaigns.
  • Advising on legal regulations and requirements for clinical trials, and experimental studies applicable to medical devices as well as obtaining the various licenses, permits, and approvals for conducting clinical trials, and experimental tests.


The Government has made it a top priority to increase in the quantity and quality of healthcare services to improve the lives of the people. Vietnam has a serious shortage of quality healthcare services providers including hospitals, and clinics nationwide. On the one hand, it is complicated and somewhat difficult for investors and service providers to set up and operate their businesses in this industry. On the other hand, people in general and patients in particular are generally not aware of their rights and positions whenever problems and/or disputes is arise out of the provision and use of healthcare services.

The demand for beauty care services has also increased dramatically, opening up a market with great potential for returns in beauty care services, especially in high-end services. However, the legislative system is also quite complex in this area for potential investors, and service providers.

Our professional practitioners and consultants are well qualified and experienced to assist clients in the establishment and operation of their business in healthcare and beauty care services. We provide the following services with your commercial goals as the focus:

Other relevant matters relating to the establishment, management, operation and compliance of healthcare and beauty care services.