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Welcome to ALIAT REGULEX, where your business needs are our motivation.

We are a Vietnam-based professional consulting firm, with a head office in Ho Chi Minh City and other offices in Hanoi City, Bac Ninh City, Ha Tinh City, Can Tho City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Since being established in 2005 we have built a strong reputation in Vietnam and in the region by helping clients achieve their commercial goals.
We combine deep local knowledge with international standards of expertise to provide local and international clients with quality specialist advice and consultancy services in life sciences & healthcare regulatory affairs.
We take the time to get to know your business so we can fully understand and help you achieve your commercial goals, using our legal expertise, commercial savvy and strong relationships with government authorities.
We also understand your need for quality consulting service with ease of communication. We have highly trained professional practitioners with wide ranging experience in the local market and the language skills, including English, French and of course Vietnamese, to meet your needs.
We have told you a little bit about our business, now why not contact us to find out how we can help you with yours.

Our Values

Our Team

Mr. Duong Thanh Long

Founder / Chairman & CEO

+84 982 20 6868

Email. long.duong@aliat.group

Mr. Long founded ALIAT in 2005 and is the CEO in charge of the overall operation of the firm. He has extensive experience in intellectual property law, corporate and investment law, with an emphasis on healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. He is also very active and efficient in enforcement and dispute resolutions.
With 20 years of practice, Mr. Long has successfully advised and assisted numerous clients, including local giants and MNCs, to initiate, operate and expand their business activities in Vietnam. His services for these clients have also included establishing, protecting and exploring their intellectual property rights in Vietnam.
Mr. Long is also very active in advising and assisting local authorities to manage and promote local brand specialities especially agriculture products by establishing the protection mechanism for collective marks, certification marks and especially geographical indications.
In addition to his professional legal practice, Mr. Long is also the non-tenure lecturer at the Judicial Academy lecturing on a number of areas of law but with a focus on intellectual property law.
Mr. Long is a member of Management Board, Deputy Secretary General cum Head of Expertise Committee of Vietnam Invention Association. He is currently a member of the Enforcement and Anti-Counterfeiting Committee of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong

Co-Founder / Vice Chairman

+84 907 33 8802

Email. phong.nguyen@aliat.group

Nguyen Quoc Phong is a co-founding partner of ALIAT and the Head of Business Law Practice in the firm with 20 years of legal experience.
Starting his legal career in the early 2000s at the role of in-house counsel and acted at this role for years in a number of leading multinational corporations doing business in different industries, Mr. Phong harvested in-depth insight and cognitive knowledge in relation to corporate core values, environment and nature of those business. Known as the founder who built up a team of commercial lawyers, Mr. Phong has been actively practicing in investment, mergers & acquisitions, corporate & compliance,  commerce & contract, property & construction, logistics & maritime, labor and commercial dispute resolution.
Successfully advising and representing clients in a wide range of industries including construction, infrastructure, logistics, manufacturing and FMCG, Mr. Phong has been recognized as one of leading commercial lawyers in Vietnam.
Mr. Phong used to serve as a lecturer of lawyer training courses at Vietnam’s Judicial Academy.
Mr. Phong is admitted to practice in Vietnam as a qualified lawyer of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association and a member of the Vietnam Bar Federation. He is also a member of Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) and International Bar Association (IBA).
d Anti-Counterfeiting Committee of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)

Mr. Nguyen Quang Hai

Senior Director

+84 918 15 8888

Email. hai.nguyen@aliat.group

Mr. Hai has 15 years of experience in a wide range of litigation and dispute resolution matters. In particular, Mr. Hai specializes in the settlement of civil and commercial disputes and regularly conducts proceedings and represents clients in front of the relevant authorities and in court including, district level court, provincial courts (including civil courts and economic courts) and the High Supreme Court.
Mr. Phong is admitted to practice in Vietnam as a qualified lawyer of the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association and a member of the Vietnam Bar Federation.
Oanh Luong

Mrs. Luong Thi Oanh


+84 908 55 7974

Email. oanh.luong@aliat.group

Mrs. Oanh has been with the firm for 14 years and is the Director in charge of daily operation of the team – a dynamic team with experienced attorneys, professional regulatory practitioners, medical doctors and pharmacists. She plays an important role in the advising on healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical equipment, food & food supplements regulations and compliance.
Over 16 years of practice, Mrs. Oanh has successfully advised and assisted numerous life sciences clients when enter to Vietnam market by registering and obtaining marketing authorization of products and ensuring compliance of their business activities in Vietnam.
Hn Lan

Mrs. Tu Viet Lan

Strategy Director

Tel. +84 903 254 719

Email. tuvietlan@aliat.group

Mrs. Lan has been with the firm since 2022 as a Strategy Director. With 24 years of experience in the Drug Administration of Vietnam, where she acted as the Head of key functional divisions, she has gained a thorough understanding of regulatory processes, risk management, and operational excellence. Her ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and address emerging challenges has consistently yielded successful outcomes.

She excels at driving strategic initiatives and building fruitful relationships with regulatory authorities and stakeholders. With her profound industry knowledge, exceptional leadership capabilities, and a proven track record of success, Lan will be instrumental in driving regulatory excellence, shaping strategic direction, and delivering valuable insights to clients.

Hn Huong

Mrs. Pham Thu Huong

Deputy Director

Tel. +84 90 242 8899


Mrs. Huong, who joined the firm in April 2023 as Deputy Director. With nearly 16 years of experience in the regulatory authority, specifically in the Drug Administration of Vietnam, she brings invaluable expertise in drug registration, policy development, and strategy implementation.

Huong’s extensive background in regulatory affairs has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in the drug registration process

Huong’s profound knowledge and expertise in navigating regulatory requirements have facilitated the successful registration of numerous drugs, ensuring their compliance with regulatory standards.

Mrs. Do Thi Cam Van

Senior Counsel

Tel. 1900 5555 38

Email. contact@aliat.group

Mrs. Van joined the firm in 2014 as a senior counsel. Before joining the firm she gained valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in drug quality control management as a technical expert in the assessment team for laboratory accreditation, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and Good Storage Practices (GSP).

Dr. Nguyen Van Thi

Senior Counsel
Tel. 1900 5555 38
Dr. Thi graduated from Hanoi University of Pharmacy in 1964 and completed his Doctorate in Rerum Naturalium in 1974 in Germany. Dr. Thi worked as Vice Director of Hanoi Drug Testing Institute from 1984 to 2000, and also acted as Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Drug Testing Institute from 1990 until 2000. He was also appointed as acting Deputy Director General of Drug Department under Ministry of Health in the period from 1993 to 1996.
Dr. Thi retired from his position as a government official at the end of 2000. He then worked as a quality advisor for OPV Pharmaceuticals Company until 2009.
Dr. Thi joined the team as a senior counsel with an emphasis on bio-chemicals & pharmaceuticals, while also consulting on healthcare regulatory matters. The firm’s practice and clients receive a great benefit from his deep knowledge and extensive experience, as well as his strong relationship with the government authorities in industry.

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Our client

We represent a wide range of clients on a diverse scope of matters. Our clients come from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia and include multinational corporations, domestic companies, international and domestic businesses particularly in the fields of life sciences & healthcare. Whether it is a large national transaction or advice on a small query, we provide each client with tailored high quality advice with their commercial aims always the focus point.

Our community

We believe that law firms such as ours should go beyond the business community and help the community as a whole. We are enhancing our community work to champion worthy causes for the community and also to make legal services accessible for the underprivileged. Work of this nature not only provides a valuable and necessary public service but also helps our lawyers develop professionally.

We are currently engaged in providing legal support and advice to underprivileged people in the community. Our lawyers and other professionals provide this service to the community pro bono.

We are also actively supporting and working together with the Vietnam National Centre for Human Organ Transplant, the first of its kind in the country. The centre is responsible for coordinating donated body tissue and organs and will liaise with tissue banks and hospitals nationwide. We are doing work to encourage people to register with the centre for donation and are organising events where people can sign up. www.vnhost.vn